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This is a list of AT commands, or actually Hayes commands. This is not a complete list of all commands, instead if focuses mostly on commands that are needed for GPRS/3G/UMTS/HSDPA and a few other more “exotic” commands that aren’t too well known. I wrote this mainly for myself, but I figure other might find it useful as well.

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A while a go I bought a couple of solar panels from REUK and today I finally got around testing them outdoors (I had previously only tested them indoors with a lamp). These panels are rated at 6V, 250mA which makes them quite perfect for low-power outdoor micro controller applications (sensors for example) if they are combined with a re-chargeable battery (that can be tickled charged).

The size of the panels are about 13×13 cm.

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I’ve published the first public beta of my FreeBSD driver for Option HSDPA modems. The driver is still beta but have been successfully tested (and used) with a Option GlobeSurfer iCON 7.2 S device (using a Turbo 3G account from Tre/Hi3G Access Sweden).

The driver is available for download together with instructions at the hso page. Please report successes and failures.

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The newer WWAN (HSDPA/UMTS/3G/whatever) USB devices from Option does not come bundled with CD that carries the drivers, instead they are accessible from a mass storage device, this is marketed as by Option as “ZeroCD”. This also means that the device needs to be “switched” from the storage device to the modem/network interface before it’s usable. Read the rest of this entry »

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The current binary does not work with FreeBSD 7…not even with 6 anymore because of a gettext library bump. I contacted UPEK a while ago, had an conversation with one of the guys there. I was even given a beta driver that worked, but then our communication seemed to halt.

I was just about to send them another mail when I stumbled on fprint, a GPL based fingerprint abstraction layer that includes reversed engineered drivers for the UPEK devices. The drivers live in user land and the USB bus is accessed through libusb which already is ported to FreeBSD. So, getting a more stable support for fingerprint devices than the binary-only UPEK drivers should only be a matter of porting this library to FreeBSD.

Woho…no more BioAPI-hell (worst. library. ever.). I’m not yet motivated enough to do a port myself, maybe if I get some more free time.

Update: Apparently they did a release, but two people have reported problems with Undefined symbol “GuiCallback”.  I’ll take a look and see if I’m able to use it. At least the beta driver I was given worked, but I never tested it together with the PAM module.

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