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I’ve been hacking on a driver for Option GlobeSurfer iCON 7.2 S HSDPA/3G USB cards (and more or less all newer Option cards) for a few days now and I just reached a major milestone. A successful connection!

The driver is called hso for now (same name as the linux driver). The card is not a “normal” 3G-modem in the sense that it’s not simply a serial-over-USB card. Instead it has several serial channels that accept the normal AT interface (signal strength, SMS, etc) and in addition to that a IP packet interface to which one reads and writes raw IP packets. The card is exposed through a simulated Ethernet device. Read the rest of this entry »

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I ceased messing around with this a long time ago as I no longer have the iptv box in my possession

Well, not really behind the scenes. But these are my findings of how Telias IPTV works. The original reason behind this is that I would like to stream the channels to my computers.

The base of it all is a series of multicasted UDP streams in the range, including both the actual channels and box configuration/firmware. The program guide is more or less a normal web side accessed over HTTP.

The hardware involved is a Zyxel Prestige 660H Triple Play and the Motorola/Kreatel 1510 STB. To connect to the IPTV service using a normal network one have to hook up the IPTV-port of the Zyxel modem directly to a computer. Sniffing the traffic to/from the STB can be done by simply bridging two interfaces and using the box as normal. It’s also possible to enable the IPTV service on one of the unused ports by reconfiguring the modem (to get two output ports).

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