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Thanks to the great work of Ganaël LAPLANCHE the hso driver and the hsoctl utility can, as of today, be installed through FreeBSD ports from comms/hso-kmod.

Existing users should note that hsod has been renamed to hsoctl and that the utility now properly updates resolv.conf.

Device IDs for the following devices have been added to the driver. However, this is completely untested, if you have any of these devices, please test and report if it works or not. Thank you.

  • Option GlobeSurfer iCON HSUPA
  • Option iCON 401

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I’ve uploaded a new version of the hso driver that fixes some minor bugs related to the TTYs. I’ve also added device ID for Option GlobeSurfer iCON 225 after some initial positive feedback.

In addition to this I’ve published the first version of a connection utility (called hsod) that creates and maintains a UMTS/HSDPA connection and makes life a lot easier. The utility is still beta and requires some more work, for example I would like it to run in background so that it can be launched from devd when the interface is brought up (ifconfig hso0 up).

Both the driver and the connection utility can be found at the hso page.

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