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Granted it’s still poor-mans-ipv6 (aka ipv6 over a ipv4 tunnel), but still. If you’re IPv6 capable you’re most likely reading this over IPv6 already.

The IP address for is 2001:16d8:ffe5:1:1::1 (from 2001:16d8:ffe5:1::/64)

It has got some shiny AAAA/PTR records too. has IPv6 address 2001:16d8:ffe5:1:1::1 domain name pointer

I played with IPv6 several years ago (back during the 6BONE days) and recently decided to give it another shot.  Most of my services are now available through IPv6 and my local LAN has IPv6 connectivity. I’ll write more about that in another post.

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New release of hso(4), FreeBSD driver for Option iCON branded 3G/HSDPA devices.

Changes to hso(4)

  • Support for the new TTY layer, driver now works with 7.0 upto todays 8.0-CURRENT.
  • Device IDs for Option GlobeTrotter HSUPA and Option GMT382 added.
  • Minor performance and stability issues have been addressed.

Changes to hsoctl(1)

  • hsoctl now forks into background upon a successful connection, the old behvaior can be obtained with -n flag. Disconnection is possible by executing hsoctl -d hso0.  While running in background, important information is logged to syslog.  Complete daemonization is also possible with the -b flag.
  • Use of AT+CGREG in addition to AT+CREG to detect network registration (for service plans where voice calls are disabled).
  • resolv.conf handling have been improved, only nameserver entries are changed, other content is left intact. A bug that sometimes caused garbled data to be prepended to resolv.conf have also been addressed.  The resolv.conf path can be altered with the -r flag, disable resolv.conf with -r /dev/null.
  • hsoctl does now gracefully terminate upon unexpected device removal.
  • Default route installation have been improved.

The code can be obtained from the hso page, the update should hit the ports tree soon (comms/hso-kmod).

Speed test from a rural location. Values are in bits/s, so that’s almost 300 kB/s downstream and around 40 kB/s upstream. Hopefully downstream is slightly better from a more urban location.

hso(4) speedtest

hso(4) speedtest

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