hso – FreeBSD driver for Option HSDPA modem
FreeBSD driver for Option HSDPA devices with newer firmware (packet interface).
vlc-unrar – VLC UnRAR plugin turns VLC into a RAR player
Allows streaming (and seeking) of video files directly from RAR archives.
eggdrop-xmltv – Eggdrop script for XMLTV sources
Eggdrop script which works together with XMLTV sources. Makes your eggdrop bot know ANY TV listing specified in XMLTV format.
pam_bsdbioapi – (BSD) BioAPI service module for PAM
PAM module that allows autentication through BioAPI BSPs.
yabm – Yet Another Bandwidth Meter
yabm is a yet another bandwidth meter/monitor, but developed for FreeBSD.
It displays a graphical representation, using a PNG file, of current bandwidth usage.
X WaveLan Strength Monitor
Utility which displays current wlan signal strength on your root desktop
X ACPI Monitor
Displays battery status and system temperature on your root desktop

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