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This is a list of AT commands, or actually Hayes commands. This is not a complete list of all commands, instead if focuses mostly on commands that are needed for GPRS/3G/UMTS/HSDPA and a few other more “exotic” commands that aren’t too well known. I wrote this mainly for myself, but I figure other might find it useful as well.

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I’ve published the first public beta of my FreeBSD driver for Option HSDPA modems. The driver is still beta but have been successfully tested (and used) with a Option GlobeSurfer iCON 7.2 S device (using a Turbo 3G account from Tre/Hi3G Access Sweden).

The driver is available for download together with instructions at the hso page. Please report successes and failures.

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The newer WWAN (HSDPA/UMTS/3G/whatever) USB devices from Option does not come bundled with CD that carries the drivers, instead they are accessible from a mass storage device, this is marketed as by Option as “ZeroCD”. This also means that the device needs to be “switched” from the storage device to the modem/network interface before it’s usable. Read the rest of this entry »

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