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Want a “web 2.0″ styled bookmark bar for your blog that automatically creates submission links (bookmark and share) to social media sites? if you answered yes, then continue reading.

I previously used the service from addthis but never really liked it so I created my own, you’re free to use it if you like. It’s a simple script that is quite easy (guess it depends on who you ask…) to use and that generates bookmark/share buttons for popular services such as delicious, digg, facebook, twitter and more.

Supports Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Technorati Favorites, Google Bookmarks, Facebook, Reddit, Diigo, Blogmarks, Blinklist and Magnolia

This is a sample of how the bookmark bar could look, it’s possible to re-arrange and remove individual services if wanted. The icons are courtesy of

Follow this guide to get your own bookmark bar, you need some knowledge of how to edit HTML.
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